Travel Tips for Cruise Vacations


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A cruising guide for sea-going travelers filled with insights on cruise ship destinations, selection, life onboard, shore excursions and how to obtain discount bookings. An innovative chapter titled “Little Things That Make a Difference” contains a wealth of tips on dining, cabins, attire, communications, gratuities, travel connections, insurance, medical care, what to bring, and more.

Travel Tips is written by two veteran California cruisers who have traveled the world for decades. Their knowledge and excitement about cruise ship vacations is contagious. WARNING: The contents of this guide may be addictive.

Travel Tips will help you navigate the glossy brochures and slick websites of cruise line promoters. Practical and personal, this down-to-earth guide will maximize your vacation planning and enjoyment. Cruise on and cruise smart!


Chapter 1   Cruise Ship Cruising
Chapter 2   Destinations
Chapter 3   Cruise Lines
Chapter 4   Onboard: Daily Life
Chapter 5   Onshore: Excursions
Chapter 6   Little Things That Make a Difference
Chapter 7   Discount Bookings

From the preface…

Cruise vacations are adventurous, leisurely and deeply relaxing. You are never too young or old, active or inactive, well traveled or not to enjoy yourself aboard a cruise ship. Each cruise line is distinct, but all are packed with people to meet, activities to select and destinations to explore. There is the proverbial “something for everyone.”

Our focus is on “travel tips” for cruise vacations, those insights and little things that make a difference in planning, enjoying, and obtaining discounts for your cruise. These tips are the sum of what we have learned over the years. It is our pleasure to share them and the excitement of cruise vacations with you.

Sea Fever Gear Publications, 2020. 60 pages of text, photos, artwork and maps. No ads. ISBN #0-9676620-7-9

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