Praise for Well-Favored Passage

“Now there’s good news for those who dream of visiting [the] far-north . . . some 80 percent of the volume has been updated or rewritten . . . Brazer’s acute imagery remains a thread that runs through the tapestry of this guide to a treasured cruising destination.”
Cruising World

“Some books are written for money; some are written for love. This book was not written for money. It is a cruising guide, but far more than that. . . . For anyone thinking of cruising the North Channel, and for anyone returning with a desire to know more about where they have been, this book is a gem.”
Good Old Boat and the Great Lakes Cruising Club’s Lifeline

“I grew up on the waters in the Bay of Islands out of Whitefish Falls. My uncle owned a tourist camp and there is a picture of us going out in his fishing boat when I was only 6 months old. It wasn’t until a few years after Margaret and I married that I was first introduced to sailing. Instant love affair … we bought our first sailboat two weeks later.

As we began to explore the waters of the North Channel, I wanted to know the background of this beautiful cruising area. Therefore, in addition to buying charts I did two things – joined the Great Lakes Cruising Club and bought Marjorie Cahn Brazer’s book WELL-FAVORED PASSAGE. Over the years, we eagerly bought each new edition of her book. With her passing, I thought we had bought the last edition of this beautiful book.

Thankfully two intrepid sailors who had enjoyed Marjorie’s book as much as we had and had fallen in love with the North Channel contacted the family and obtained permission to update, expand and publish a new edition in 2002. It was an instant hit.
Since then Pixie Haughwout and Ralph Folsom cruise the North Channel each year and have revised and updated their book several times with the most substantial revision occurring in their newly released 37th Anniversary Edition, 2012. This edition has extensive GPS Data, and includes a Georgian Bay Bonus, The Twin Saults, Drummond, Les Cheneaux and Mackinac Islands, along with more beautiful anchorages and gunkholes.

Reading it, I have to say this book … it is a must. A must buy for newcomers making sure they visit the highly acclaimed spots and for long time cruisers who each year, search out new, less crowded spots to explore. In fact, the coverage is so extensive that I know oldtimers will regret that I’m reviewing this book because it covers so many of the lesser known and private anchorages.

Practical and intimate, this revised edition showcases digital graphics, carefully selected anchorages and harbors, lots of little-known gunkholes, and more stories and tales. Details on launch ramps, charter companies, farmers markets, recommended restaurants, weather, navigation, clearing customs, fishing and Internet access are included.”
Roy Eaton,
Little Current Yacht Club’s Cruisers’ Net Newsletter