Canal Cruising
in the South of France

The Romantic Canal du Midi


cover image of Canal Cruising in the South of France


by Pixie Haughwout & Ralph Folsom*

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A practical and intimate kilometer-by-kilometer guide to the Canal du Midi and related waterways. The Canal du Midi links the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and is a protected World Heritage Site. Ports, people, wine, markets, restaurants and history are presented with an eye for romance by two Californians who have extensively cruised their canal boat, Folie à Deux.


Cruising itineraries, charter options, navigation alerts, tips on boat handling and locks, tying up recommendations, Internet access and even buying and maintaining a French canal boat are covered. Sketch maps identify key facilities and places of interest. There are also special off-the-canal destinations.

Chapter 1  The Romance of Canal Cruising
Chapter 2  Cruising the South of France
Chapter 3  Western Canal du Midi: Toulouse to Carcassonne
Chapter 4  Central Canal du Midi: Carcassonne to Port la Robine
Chapter 5  Canal de la Robine: A Side Trip to the Mediterranean

Wine and Food Highlights

Chapter 6  Eastern Canal du Midi: Port la Robine to Agde
Chapter 7  Open Water: Cruising the Étang du Thau
Chapter 8  Exploring the Coast, Camargue & a Taste of Provence
Chapter 9  Tips on Canal Boating
Chapter 10  Buying and Maintaining a Canal Boat
Addendum: Notes on Cruising the Baise River in Southwestern France

From the Preface
Canal cruising in the South of France is leisurely, sensuous and deeply relaxing. There is romance in the sheer beauty of the vine-laden historic countryside. The grace of its walled cities, stone bridges, oval locks and remarkable boating aqueducts blurs dreams with reality. A friendly Mediterranean hospitality prevails and the cuisine is superb! Like Hemingway’s Paris, canal cruising is a moveable feast. You can tie up virtually anywhere without charge along the canal banks. This is the land of red wine, sunshine and smiles. Get ready to be seduced by the South.

Sea Fever Gear Publications, 2023, Twenty-Second Edition. 168 pages of text, photos, artwork, maps and indexes. No ads. ISBN #0-9676620-9-5

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WINE LOVERS ALERT: For a wonderful companion book on the best wine tasting, wines and vintages of the Region, consider Wine Cruising: A Guide to Wines Along the Canal du Midi in Southern France by Kathy and Davis Folsom — available as an E-Book at

“I dismounted my carriage from its wheels, placed it on the deck of a light bark, and was thus towed on the canal [du Midi] instead of the post road . . .  Of all the methods of travelling I have ever tried this is the pleasantest . . . you should not think of returning to America without taking the tour I have taken.”

Thomas Jefferson’s Journal (1787)

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