Praise for Canal Cruising

User Praise for Canal Cruising

“Many thanks for your splendid book – it contains a wealth of information and I particularly like its readable style. My family are looking forward to next week because by then I might just put the book down and start talking to them again.”
Keith Wren, Britain

“I received your book and am finding it to be very informative and most useful in planning our barge trip. There is a wealth of information here, not just directed at boating. The restaurant primer would be of great help to anyone touring France.”
Richard Sandass, Washington

“I think your book is really useful because it so complete . . . [It] certainly is useful for bikers and hikers, drivers, as well as boaters . . . Thanks for making it available.”
Gretchen Kuhn, Denver

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“We met you in Newport when you were first taking your book tot he Armchair Sailor. We had just asked if they had any books on cruising the canals of France, and you took us out to your car and sold us your book from the trunk! We picked up boat in Buzet, took out your book, and let it be our guide for our fantastic journey along the Midi. You opened areas we never would have looked at, and thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Toby and George, At Sea

“I can’t imagine Canal Cruising without it.”
Bruce O’Hare, Ontario

“The guide you put together was most helpful. You captured not only the technical issues a traveler should know, but also many of the historical and cultural aspects that enhance the experience. We generally sail and have used many cruisingguides in the areas we have transited. Yours is among the most outstanding.”
Dan and Dina Cassidy, Maine

“Your guide is fantastic.”
Elaine Lembo, Cruising World Magazine, Rhode Island

“What a guide! Now we know how to spend our childrens’ inheritance.”
Pam Fairley and Kent Foster, California

“Canal Cruising was a great and wonderful experience.
Much of that was courtesy of your book. It gave us
so much more useful information (about everything) than that provided by Le Boat.”
Claire Woodhall, New Zealand

Featured in Cruising World magazine: eat, drink, be merry – très bien!